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Difference between gardening and garden landscaping
The main difference between gardening and garden landscaping is that where gardening mainly deals with plants – how and where to plant them and how to nurture and maintain them – garden landscaping includes constructing an entire garden. As such, it entails a large amount of planning and construction work – particularly if it’s a large area or if a specific theme is to be created for it.

The other big difference is size. Whereas gardening can be practiced on a small balcony or terrace, landscaping services are performed on larger pieces of land.

The term ‘landscaping’ itself includes the word ‘land’ and this brings us to the final point of distinction between gardening and garden landscaping. While gardening also requires a good understanding and ability to work with different types of soil, landscapers understand and work with the topography, orientation, groundwater, terrain and geography of land. For instance, when you hire garden landscaping from HarithTharang we work extensively with and on the land you have to transform it completely, paying attention to every factor that affects it.