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Adapting to the special needs

of our clients and individualizing our services is our company’s policy. Guards are recruited for each post, keeping the personality and profile expected from our client.
→ Must be physically fit and mentally robust.
→ Minimum height should be 5.6”
→ Should be minimum matriculate but intermediates are preferred in the age span of 21-45 years.
→ Must have reliable references in Tamil Nadu.

The basic training in military drill is imparted and the bearing of a raw person is perfected. He is taught to put on uniform, how stand at ‘attention’ and ‘at ease and to salute’. The person is then acquainted with means, active & passive, that allow the conduct of activities within the organization without disruption. The entrants are taught to man and exercise various controls through physical search and maintenance of gate record/registers. They are also taught to check details of the entry/exist of men and material. They are further trained to use their uniforms properly with a view to enhance the prestige of the organization they are deputed to serve. The syllabus includes.